Sydney’s Food Destinations Are Posh Indeed

From extremely expensive chef’s special to not-so-inexpensive junk food, the masters of cooking in Sydney have nailed every culinary delight that has ever graced a platter anywhere in the globe. The Australian chefs have proved that their country maybe far located from the rest of the world, but they have the culinary skills to make any cuisine available in no time, hence the monstrous cost! Here is a comprehensive detail of the famous classy eating joints in Sydney that will help you find your perfect culinary match.

Aria, a contemporary Australian restaurant which offer a great view of Sydney Opera House and serves a black pudding that can turn anyone into a vampire. Azuma, is a classic oriental restaurant which serves sumptuous yet quickie Japanese delights, this one is very famous with bankers and people looking for world-class sushi and sashimi, but sadly it doesn’t have a bar. Bilson’s at Radission Plaza Hotel serves authentic French food with bursting flavors, and to maintain the authenticity the prices are, I would say, a tad immodest. Modern British is some place you would certainly want to visit if you have an appetite for ‘adventurous food’, well, by that I am specifically referring to ‘Hearts and Minds’ in their menu, which is lamb heart with crumbed brain. Cafe Sydney offers contemporary Australian cuisine along with various other cuisines from around the globe, a perfect place for people who are willing to taste Australians’ take on different cuisines. Chophouse is another option for foodies looking for different preparations of steaks, but one might not appreciate the compact set up.

Seafood lovers get a special treat at ‘Pier’, with an exquisite view of Rose Bay and deftly prepared seafood dishes, you are ought to love this place. Tetsuya is another place which serves classy French as well as healthy Japanese cuisine.

With the rise in Australian dollar, Sydney has come up as one of the most expensive places and when it comes to food i think its pretty justifiable as the best deserves the best.

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