Sartoria Creates Cashmere Panties to Provide Warmth in Cold Months

Canadians are always looking for alternatives that can keep them warm in their really cold winter months. Natural fibers because of their ability to breathe are more comfortable in extreme climates. Cotton is the preferred fiber when it comes to making garments for both warm and cold months. But when it comes to giving protection from extreme cold of Canada it has competition from cashmere. Sartoria, a Toronto based Canadian company has recently released Cashmere panties that promise to keep you warm even in the coldest of months.

Compared to cotton, cashmere wins hands down when it comes to providing warmth and Sartoria’s idea of making panties from cashmere will be very well received by the Canadians as they are always looking for ways to keep warm during the winter. The fabric used for making the panties is a blend of cashmere and wool and is meant to add an extra level of comfort to your body. Sartoria is producing the cashmere panties in a variety of colors and sizes, right from small to extra large.

The cashmere panties have been priced at $45 for a pair. These panties are made from the most luxurious fabric available. Initially, almost a century ago when cashmere wool was first processed into knit fabric, it was mainly used for making luxury underwear. Its luxurious nature and finish diverted it towards outerwear and the use of cashmere for underwear was almost completely given up. Sartoria has successfully brought forward a century old practical idea and relaunched it to provide warmth to consumers living in cold climate.

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