Aero Submarine Necker Nyph Available for $2,500 a Day

Part of the excitement of James Bond movies is created by the extraordinary gadgets that the British secret agent uses in pursuit of the villains. The gadgets always play an important role in his ultimate success and often rescue him from impossible situations. They are, mostly very imaginative contraptions that are almost impossible to recreate in reality. Some of the functions attributed to these gadgets are so farfetched that they have no relation with reality and those that are feasible need enormous funding to recreate in reality.

Sir Richard Branson, one of the richest British has the resources to recreate an exciting gadget used by James Bond. He has the luxury catamaran Necker Belle which has the honor of being the one of the fastest vessels on the ocean’s surface. It travels on the high seas at record speed. And as part of the amenities and equipment on the catamaran Necker Nyph a three seater aero submarine was created with inspiration from the iconic James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me.

The open submarine comes close to the one shown in the Bond movie. It can dive 30 meters below the water’s surface and travels at a speed of up to 6 knots.  The passengers traveling in the submarine are exposed to the water so it is necessary for them to know how to Scuba. Guests are not allowed to pilot the craft as it requires training because it is unique and different from any other vehicle in use now. It is no doubt a unique experience as the craft can stay under water for up to two hours at a stretch. You may hire it for $2,500 a day and enjoy multiple dives throughout the day. The good news is that Necker Island is available on rent.

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