The Thiery Mugler-Designer Spire Boat Is A Retro-Futuristic Wonder

If you like comic book cars, you will probably spend hours drooling over the wonderfully streamlined Spire Boat. This state-of-the-art speedboat is the creation of Spire Boat and Thierry Mugler. The new age watercraft features a stunning blend of retro style and futuristic design.

Designer Thierry Mugler has really gone out on a limb here. The Spire Boat’s resemblance to cool comic book vehicles is not accidental. One of Mugler’s inspirations was Batman comics, along with the muscle cars of the 1950s. The Mugler-designed concept car has hydrodynamic, ergonomic and aerodynamic features. With its stunning looks, the Spire Boat is sure to turn heads when it is unveiled at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show in September this year.

The Spire Boat is a 4-seater speedboat measuring 9.5 meters in length. This lightweight speedboat has a carbon fiber hull. Moreover, it is not just another good-looking boat. After all, the Spire Boat was the vice world champion in the 2007 Offshores. The boat can reach speeds of up to 90 knots, and features twin engines of 200 to 350hp each.

Price-wise it is bound to be beyond the reach of most people. Not too many can afford the price of 400,000 euros for a speedboat. But for those that can, this retro-futuristic creation is all that you dreamed of and much more. Order up, if you plan on tagging along this little power craft on your next yacht vacation. You will not be the first anyway. As of mid-August, over 26 orders have already been placed for the one of a kind Spire Boat.

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