The Most Expensive Shops In The United States

A troubled economy is no reason to cut down on that shopping spree. At least, that is how it appears when you look at all the high-end fashion stores that are flourishing despite the continuing slump. A recent list of the most expensive shops across the United States revealed that wealthy shoppers have no budget constraints. If they did have money troubles, it does not show. After all, only the superrich can afford to shop for expensive fashion brands at stores like Oscar de la Renta. The average shopping expedition to the Oscar de la Renta store in New York City can set you back by $3,217.

Is that a bit much? Well, Oscar de la Renta’s New York City outlet does top MSN’s list of the most expensive shops in the US. But it is no exception. The MSN list featured 25 of the most expensive fashion stores within the United States. Accompanying Oscar de la Renta in the top five is a mix of exclusive boutique outlets and international fashion labels with a global reach.

It is no surprise that Giorgio Armani follows in Oscar de la Renta’s footsteps. Wedged comfortably in the No. 2 spot, Armani’s New York store is just a short walk away from the Oscar de la Renta store. The average spend here is considerably lower at $2,881, but nowhere near affordable. Coming in third is Lora Piana’s Boston outlet. The Italian clothing company that is famous for their high-quality cashmeres, manages to separate the average shopper from about $2,818. Akris, a boutique women’s wear store, is another terribly expensive New York City outlet. Enter the store, and you could end up spending $2,649 on a single trip. Maxfield in Los Angeles steals the fifth spot. The fashion store stocks Chanel, Balmain and other high-end designers. So it is partly expected that shopping trips here could cost as much as $2,258.

Other toppers included Alexander McQueen (at No. 10, with an average spend of $1,847), Dolce & Gabbana (at No. 16, with an average spend of $1,595) and Vera Wang Bridal House (ranked 22, with an average spend of $1,493).

The MSN survey discovered several interesting trends. For starters, fifty percent of the expensive shops featured on the MSN list are located in New York City. Los Angeles, the No. 2 destination for expensive fashion stores, follows behind. Other cities like Naples, Fla. And Chicago also feature prominently on the list.

These stores are doing well, encouraging their exclusive clientele to spend ridiculous amounts on their designer ware. However, when it comes to sheer numbers, the Oscar de la Rentas of the world are second to fast fashion stores like Forever 21, Zara and H&M. If the idea is to wear the latest fashions, hot off the ramp but at affordable prices, fast fashion stores are the way to go. But for many fashion brand enthusiasts, price is not a factor. Unique designs and fine fabrics add a whole other dimension to luxury wear. The costs maybe higher, but the clothes look and feel better. And as long as that continues, the Oscar de la Renta stores of the world will continue to attract high-end buyers.


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