Piaget Creates Dragon & Phoenix Collection Targeted at China

China has grown into such an important market for luxury goods that luxury brands are creating collections targeted specifically at the Chinese market. The needs, tastes and preferences of the affluent Chinese consumers are kept in mind while designing a product because they are willing to spend big bucks if the product is made as per their taste. 2012 is the Year of the Dragon for the Chinese and it is the creature that they revere. Hence the year is very significant for the Chinese population. All the brands have got down to creating special collections keeping the auspicious year in mind.

Piaget put a team of forty artisans and craftsmen to design and produce a watch collection with 20 models which they are calling Dragon & Phoenix collection. The collection will be launched in time to welcome the year of the Dragon. The collection has beautifully incorporated some traditional Chinese elements like the dragon and phoenix and that’s why the name of the collection. Originally the dragon used to symbolize the Emperor for the Chinese. It is an auspicious beast, symbolizing power, strength and good luck for them. Phoenix, which the Chinese portray a little differently, symbolizes high virtue, grace, power and prosperity for the Chinese population.

Phoenix is also considered a symbol of the Empress, particularly if paired with a dragon. That’s why Piaget has created a collection of fine luxury watches for men and women that they are calling the Dragon & Phoenix collection. The collection will be officially launched in December. All the artistry and craftsmanship will be used to depict these beasts on the watches. There will also be a limited edition watch called the Antiplano Double Jeu which will be adorned by 78 brilliant-cut diamonds. This exclusive watch is expected to cast 2.4 million Yuan to the Chinese consumer. The pink gold Emperador XLs will be priced at 1.8 million yuan

Via: luxury-insider

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