An Innovative Car Parking Solution: The Helium Parking Concept

The car population is increasing rapidly, but car parking space is limited. But a new futuristic innovation could soon free up more road space, while providing you with a safe parking spot for your car. The Helium Parking Concept looks like it has just jumped out of some sci-fi movie. But there is nothing fictional about these blimp-like car-holders. Yes, car-holders! The Helium Parking Concept consists of a personal pod for your car. German designer Nikolay Kolev came up with the idea of foldable contraptions that can be inflated with helium into large pods that work as parking spaces for cars of various sizes. Kolev used something like an autonomous hydrogen propulsion system to steer these large containers (isn’t that what they are?) into a given spot.

If anything, the Helium Parking Concept is cheaper than multi-storey parking. And realistically, given the rapid rate at which people keep buying first cars and second cars and even third cars, an invention like this is sure to be a space saver. After all, it is completely portable. Moreover, once inflated, the concept allows for cars to be carried up in the air, away from the road. And if there are many such blimps around, a parking scheme should not be too difficult to figure out.

These blimps could stand alone the walls of buildings, or could be lifted by elevators into a vertical parking space. No more pestering the government to build you more parking lots when the blimp is around. Moreover, you finally get protection from bird droppings, and drivers who insist on grazing past and leaving scratches on your door.

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