Osim’s Massage Chair Lacks a Muscular Masseur but Compensates with Luxury

Massage enthusiasts enjoy different types of massage services at spas. You might have explored innumerable variety which is designed to relax muscle stiffness and mental tension by trained professionals according to your suitability. Now you could add one more option to the list of massages, but it is from a furniture company Osim.

If you want to live quality inspiring life, having the experience of total well being you must go for value based products with brand image. For holistic approach to get excellent service Osim brand is the global leader for massage chair and other sport products. The brand Osim has introduced the exclusive edition of ultra luxurious massage chair called uDivine Sport, which is the combination of technology; high performance; entertainment and luxury ensure the user healthy life. The world’s first of its kind chair designed by Sato Tsuyoshi in Japan. It has been dealt with plan and action with positioning of airbags, automatic body detection and kneading discs offers total body massage which is very effective.

It is inspired by the interiors of luxury cars. While you sit on the seat of uDivine sport, you feel sinking experience into the seat of a luxurious racing car. The luxurious massage chair comes in leather upholstery, in brown and orange shade, the innovative technology of massage operates simultaneously with song or game with tapping massage for lower back. You would be surprised to have entrainment along with massage. Various massages of lower back synchronises with beat of your favourite movie song or games.

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