Yvan Arpa Introduces The All New ‘Son of a Gun’ Luxury Watch For Ballistics Lovers

Since the advent of gunpowder and rifling, men have always been fascinated by weapons that are small enough to be carried in your hands, while carrying significant enough punch to obliterate a human being off the face of this planet. However, man is not all barbarian, there is also a side of him that rejoices the beautiful realm of art, especially when it comes to horology or the art of watch making. Now, one of the foremost names in Swiss watches, Yvan Arpa, which is regarded across the globe for its unique and unconventional watch designs has come out with a remarkable new watch that combines the lethal elements of a bullet and the pleasing artistry of a sensational wrist watch. We are talking about the all new ‘Son of a Gun’ wrist watch that has been introduced through the designer’s luxury watch brand,   and features a set of real bullets embedded in the dial of the watch.

Designed and developed especially for high end watch collectors, the Son of a Gun has brought to life a magnificent concept of horology mixed with firearms that will appeal greatly to any and all watch as well as weapon enthusiasts. The design of the watch has been created in a manner that portrays the bezel and inner dial in the form of a target sight and the dial itself is composed of six 6mm Flobert bullets. Furthermore, to give the watch a more ballistic feel, the designer even made use of a copper wire that is connecting the bullets in a dynamite formation. The Son of a Gun has been included with a high-grade sapphire crystal finish and the watch is claimed to water resistant up to 50 meters.

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