The Newest Smoking Accessory is the Titanium Cigar Punch

Smoking a cigar is almost ritualistic and that adds to the feeling of luxury. The chopping off the end of the cigar is the first step but sometimes you don’t want to chop off the entire end of your cigar. Some smokers prefer to just put a hole small enough to smoke through the tip. The new Titanium Cigar Punch is the premium smoking accessory that does it for you smartly. It features a spring loaded ejector that makes the process very efficient. The Punch has a very smart look and light enough to be carried conveniently.

The main body and the cap has been machined from solid 5.8´6AL4V titanium and the plunger is machined from solid1/4″ 6AL4V titanium. A heavy duty stainless steel ring has been incorporated to make it convenient to carry at all times. There are three Neoprene O-rings that secure the cap to the body when it is not in use. You simply have to give it a tug to access the special stainless steel cutter head. After cutting the plug you can push the waste out of the cutter by pushing the plunger.

The grooves that have been machined on the body and the cap enhance the look of the equipment and make it easier to hold it more securely. It is possible to remove the cutter head in case you need to re-sharpen it. The total weight of the punch is 1.6 ounce.  It is not very light but definitely lighter than it looks. It is light enough to carry with you conveniently. It has the class finish and looks that the cigar lovers will appreciate.

Via: artistryintitanium

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