The Mutewatch Combines Minimalist Style With Touch Screen Technology

Style and function combine beautifully in the new Mutewatch. There is something truly intriguing about its minimal design. I am sure many luxury watch lovers, young and old, will be keen to find out what more it offers.

This elegant luxury wristwatch can pass for a stylish rubber bracelet, until you tap the flat surface. The tap activates the touch screen on the Mutewatch. It lights up, allowing you to swipe ahead to check the time, set an alarm or fix the timer. The LED display is an easy-to-use touch screen that adapts automatically to the ambient light to produce the optimal glow for your needs.

Fixing an alarm is as easy as can be. Tap the top of a digit to get a higher number, tap at the bottom for a lower one. If the alarm has served its purpose, simply pinch the screen and the alarm will be displayed.

The Mutewatch is called a “mute watch” for a reason. This smart wristwatch replaces annoying alarm tones with a “mute” vibrating alarm. Motion sensor technology ensures that you will not sleep through the alarm because low levels of movement from you give rise to more intensive alarms. The motion sensor technology also allows users to activate the display with just a flick of the wrist.

The Mutewatch website advises that you keep the luxury watch away from likes of soy sauce, tomato and even jeans to avoid discoloring. The elegant watch is available in three shades: Charcoal Grey, Poppy Red and Pure White. Each Mutewatch is priced at $259.

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