The Elegant Fire Pillar is a Decorative Lamp and Fireplace

The Fire Pillar is a magnificent concept that has stunning looks and goes beyond being just a showpiece. The pillar adds a natural flair to your environment. It is basically a metallic cylinder with a very smart and modern look. It is made from carbon steel and tempered glass. It is finished very well and is available in chrome, black and white finishes. Our favorite however is the pillar in chrome finish. It is moveable easily and can be placed anywhere inside any of your rooms or outside.

It adds a majestic look to your pool if the pillar is placed next to it in the evening. The Fire Pillar is a 40 inch tall cylinder topped by a fuel powered flame. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to light. The inbuilt storage capacity for fuel can sustain the flame for about 2.5 hours. It adds a nice glowing ambiance to your environment, whether inside or out. The glow warmth radiated from the flame makes the atmosphere very cozy.

The Fire Pillar takes its inspiration from a medieval torch but has a sleek modern design. It not only fits but enhances your modern home décor. It functions effectively as an indoor fireplace. In addition it lights up any corner of your dining room, foyer, patio or deck. The designers and developers of the Fire Pillar must think about enlarging the fuel storage capacity of the pillar as it would look awkward if you have to refill the torch after two hours when you are entertaining guests around your pool.

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