Hammock Bliss Sky Tent: A Tent For Your Hammock

Everybody loves a good hammock. It hardly matters that they are difficult to get into. It is the ideal piece of luxury outdoor furniture to have around on lazy Sundays, perfect for lolling around with a book and good music. Plus, they are great for camping trips.

The problem with the hammock is that it is not free from the elements. A rainy day will keep you away, as will bugs and mosquitoes. A portable hammock might be helpful, but a hammock isn’t quite a hammock when taken indoors. So how do you enjoy the fresh air outside without getting either wet or bitten by insects? The folks at Hammock Bliss have a solution – the cool Hammock Bliss Sky Tent.

As the name suggests, the Hammock Bliss Sky Tent is a tent for your hammock – one that will keep you dry and away from the bugs. The Hammock Bliss Sky Tent features a large rain fly that will keep you, your hammock and your gear protected from the rain. Not only that, with 2,100 holes covering each square inch of the netting, you can rest assured that even the tiniest of bugs will not enter your hammock space. The intricate netting provides adequate protection from the occasional cold wind as well. The netting is also rip-resistant.

The hammock tent includes an oversized waterproof sack that can accommodate even larger hammocks along with the tent. So packing up at the end of a camping trip is no trouble at all. Priced at $119.95 and available in blue or black variations, the Hammock Bliss Sky Tent changes your hammock camping experience forever.

Via: Get Outdoors

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