Palazzo Versace at Dubai’s Culture Village Rocks!

Dubai’s new Culture Village is one of the coolest places on earth and is also certainly one of the most glamorous. Versace would be opening its amazing Palazzo Versace to the people who would want to stay in luxury while admiring culture at the village. Now Dubai is known for several luxury hotels but when it comes to Versace, you should really know that it is going to be one hell of a task.

The hotel comes with 213 hotel rooms and 169 residences and each one is decorated flawlessly. Indeed, you would not even have to think where this is all going to lead as some of the most wonderful projects would be undertaken right in the hotel. The hotel would allow you to stay in luxury and comfort and also know what it is like to live the haute couture life.

Some of the features are pool, ornamental pools, reflecting ponds, spa, a restaurant, bars and everything else that you could possibly imagine. It is Versace honey, what do you expect! There was a time Missoni Condos had similarly gathered a lot of interest among the public. In fact we had written about Missoni Flats in Manila which are pretty cool in nature. I had also written that the apartments of palazzo Versace were sold out in Dubai. Or read the construction-time excitement in Dubai about Palazzo Versace. There couldn’t be a better time than this to go ahead and visit Dubai. I am sure it is going to be great fun.

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