Torino Lamborghini Spyder Supreme Diamond Phone Looks Dazzling

Torino Lamborghini Spyder Supreme diamond phone is one of the best phones that I have come across lately.  This one is pure eye-candy, in spite of being all bling. Of course, you should not be carrying this anywhere or you might get your head blown away. Torino Lamborghini’s limited edition Spyder supreme diamond cell phone has been built in Italy and S2witzerland to give the right mix of technology and fashion. With 7.8 carats of American diamonds throughout, you can expect a lot of bling.

You could choose between black and white, and the 2.75G dual-band operating capability on GSM 900 & 1800 networks just makes it more attractive. It also comes with a 4GB memory support and a flimsy 3MP camera. It surely could have been better than just 3MP. There would be two versions of the cellphone. The $10,000 version would be called S650 model and would have 2.5 carat diamonds. While the S660 would have a crocodile leather back and 5.9 carat diamonds. These cellphones would be sold out pretty quickly and thus it might be important for you to go ahead and get one if you have the money.

What could be better than flaunting luxurious products and know that you could always buy more of them the next day? Well, nothing really as long as you are sane, healthy and strong. It all comes down to mental health and being rich I guess. Of course, youth! You might want to read about the Diamond Phone which we had covered sometime back and the Diamond Smartphone was unveiled by Ulysse Nardin. You could also read about Lamborghini Laptop, which kinda surprised me when it was launched.

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