Penmayne Edge Park Presents World’s Most Luxurious Mobile Home ‘The Edge’

The pioneers in holiday home ownership in the U.K, in regards to energy efficient and eco-friendliness, Penmayne Edge Park, has now come out with a phenomenal new mobile home called, ‘The Edge’ that is arguably the world’s most luxurious mobile home. The Edge has been designed to reflect the creativity of modern 20th century architects and its development had been focused on energy efficient and preservation of the environment. This one of a kind spacious and extremely luxurious mobile home can even be lifted by a crane and put in the back of a truck to be transported to the desired location. The Edge features hardwood floors and the designers have even built in under floor heating that evenly heats the mobile home in every zone. This remarkable holiday home offers the occupants scheme lighting, as well as wifi Internet, thereby keeping them in touch with the world while they enjoy a nice relaxing vacation.

The rooms designed for The Edge as extremely spacious and unlike conventional mobile home caravan, offer the occupants ample room to move about and relax in whichever manner they choose to. The Edge has been given 22 inch Aquavision Mirror TV that is built directly into the wardrobes of every room along with Apple iPod docks that enable you to play your favorite tracks throughout the house, even in the bathroom. To ensure that the house is able to make use of as much renewable resources as possible, the Edge comes with a rainwater harvesting system as well as ample natural light to reduce the need of artificial lighting. The kitchen of this magnificently luxurious mobile home has been equipped with the latest kitchen appliances from Bosch.

Via The Telegraph

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