Gimme Tunes Stiletto Speakers Offer A Quirky Feminine Twist

There are speakers and there are speakers. We have seen the tree-inspired SoundTree Speakers from Elipson. There were also designer Ben Parker’s innovative portable speakers made from jerry cans. But once you have seen the Gimme Tunes speakers, you will have seen everything. The range of Gimme Tunes speakers are not just inspired by, but shaped like stilettos. The casual observer would be forgiven for mistaking these babies to be footwear. In fact, I can just imagine the happy confusion when a window shopper enters an electronics store and wants to try on these high heels.

They may not carry a big designer name, but the Gimme Tunes speakers will appeal to fashionistas with a sense of humor. Moreover, they are available in a range of pretty colors including red, pink and black. Then again, the sound quality of the Gimme Tunes speakers is what will bring in the customers.

With a power output of 6 watts and fine sound quality, the Gimme Tunes high heel speakers are a good buy. But you might have to prevent your girlfriends from trying on these stylish shoes. The Gimme Tunes stiletto speakers measure in at 13 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm. They bring a quirky twist to your music system.

The shoe speakers are completely portable. You don’t even need to plug them into a power socket; the USB port on your laptop will do just fine. Launched last year, the stiletto speakers were initially priced at $40. Currently, you can get a pair for $29.99.

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