A Fire Truck Bathtub That Kids Will Love

Children have it good these days. They have an incredible range of toys, books, clothes and more. Every kid’s store offers a treasure of great items. So when we heard about the fire truck bathtub, we just had to find out more. Produced by American Standard, the fire truck bathtub is just the thing you need to pep up your son or daughter’s luxury bath. Little boys might be more enthused by the fire truck idea, but it is cool enough and colorful enough for little girls to love it too.

The Fierce Fire Truck Design FunBath features a molded fire truck design, complete with details like a ladder, a shovel and an axe. The fire engine red on this bathtub makes it a colorful addition to any bath. Moreover, it need not be a permanent fixture. You can fit it over your regular 60-inch bathtub, and later remove it just as easily. The 36-inch high bathtub features an aluminum frame with self-leveling feet. The bathtub itself is made from durable cast acrylic shell. The handrail is of polished chrome.

The kids love it, and parents will too. The Fierce Fire Truck Design FunBath is just what you need to persuade your bath-hater kid to splash about a little. Moreover, the design ensures that you do not have to stoop while bathing your child. The fire truck bathtub also features an integrated hand shower.

The only minus point is the price. The luxury bath has a $2,199 price tag. The Pretty Princess Castle Design FunBath (which your girly daughter will love) is also similarly priced. Only the customizable Flat Panel FunBath is marginally cheaper at $1,799.

Via: Luxury Housing Trends

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