The new B90 Dispenser from BeerTender comes Covered in Black Leather

Having a Beer is perhaps the most relaxing thing and for ages now it remains the primary social drink during men’s get together. There are many celebrations associated with the drink, particularly in Europe. Now you also have the International Beer Day. And like all the other special days it becomes a good occasion for visiting and gifting something appropriate to your loved ones. Gifting some rare Ale varieties of the beverage is of course appropriate but has become predictable and hence not exciting any more.

There is a new gift idea for the occasion, particularly for those who don’t like heading for a pub, every time they feel like having a beer. BeerTender brings in the all-black beer-dispenser, the B90, which one can use at home for producing quality beer. Relax; you don’t have to be a master brewer to be able to handle the process. It is a simplified domestic version which can be operated with the click of a few buttons. It’s an all black dispenser and it is not the first time that the company is making it. They had introduced the Must edition earlier which gave in a whole new appeal to dispensers.

This new model takes the same concept forward. The luxurious looking dispenser’s body has been done up with ultra-fine grade black leather. The embossing of the brand and name is like an artwork. The silver handle used for dispensing the beverage makes an elegant contrast. There are four LED screens mounted on top. The screens indicate the stage of production of the beer inside. The color of the light indicates whether or not a perfect keg is ready. The dispenser is suitable both for home or office. It would be good investment to buy one for $578.

Via: alambic-magazine

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