Stay Cool With The Air-Conditioned Shirt From Japan

There is no end to amazing inventions from the Japanese. In fact, their latest invention should be welcome in all places where the heat becomes unbearable and air-conditioning is not always available. Japanese firm Kufukucho has created something we have all been dreaming about for years now – an air-conditioned shirt.

No jokes there! Kufukucho has put a practical twist on the mere idea of air-conditioned clothing. So now, we have an air-conditioned shirt to help us battle the heat. Then again, if you think about it, the air-conditioned shirt was inevitable. Already, we had heard of the air-conditioned cushion and the air-conditioned bed. It seems to me to be a natural progression of things. Kufukucho has taken cues from these air-conditioned products to create the new “cool” shirt.

The air-conditioned shirt from Kufukucho is a short-sleeved grey polyester creation. But as we already know, this is no ordinary shirt. The Japanese has inserted fans into this piece of luxury apparel. So even as you set out to battle the harsh sun, the built-in fans will ensure that cool air flows through your body. Moreover, you can adjust the speed as well, depending on your cooling requirements. At its strongest, the air flow is about 20 liters per second; at its weakest, it is about 12 liters per second.

This lightweight shirt (even with all the technology, it weighs only 550g) also includes a control box that is powered by AA batteries. The cool grey and short sleeves, make it perfect summer wear. But the price tag of $186 would be a hurdle for most.

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