Nokia Unveils 18 Carat Gold-plated Smartphone: But Why?

In a world that is uniquely polarized by Google and Apple in the mobile phone industry, Nokia has certainly lost its last few battles. The company with its terrible Symbian OS, ‘Smartphones’ full of clutter and a so-called revamped SymbianBelle OS has largely evoked feelings of boredom and revulsion. With most applications not working on Nokia phones, and with practically no customer support in the US or elsewhere, the company has little to do to call itself cool than to paint itself yellow.

It’s given a golden shower to itself with the announcement of Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition. The phone comes with both touch and type features and has your usual Smartphone specs which include a 5MP camera, 3G, and the rest of the jazz. The 18 carat gold topcoat makes the cellphone look even gaudier than it would be without the golden shower. The phone is also targeted at Eastern Europe and the Middle East and would cost $320.

I would go ahead, and buy a good old iPhone and stay away from pedestrian clutter that is touted as ‘luxury’ everyday. Let us assert again, that luxury cellphones need not have gold plated covers and in fact they look pretty lame. An iPhone or even a BlackBerry looks so much better than any gold plated Nokia phone and also work better. I would say, if you are looking for something luxurious, go ahead and get an iPhone. It has the best apps, including the ones by Burberry, Louis Vuitton and all the names that we are fond of.

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