Iconic King Island In Demark Now Up For Sale For More Than $14 Million

Referred to as the Middelgrundsfortet by locals, the historic and iconic King’s Island in Denmark that has been known to one of the most exclusive and royal private islands of the world is now up for grabs with an asking price of a staggering $14,414,168. This magnificent island in the middle of the seas was commissioned King Christian IX of Denmark in the year 1890 and it tool a stunning two and a half million tons of solid Bornholm granite for the construction of this one of a kind island. Spread across 180,000 square feet, the King’s Island is also famous for being hailed as the world’s largest artificial island that has no connections to the mainland whatsoever. This majestic island is located some 15 minutes away from the country’s capital, Copenhagen and can be accessed via boats as well as by helicopters as the island now features a helipad as well.

In the timeline of the 1900s, the King’s Island was considered to be the largest sea fortress in the world and was widely used by the Danish military as the largest and strongest garrison. Till the year 1984, this gorgeous island was being used as a naval fortress as this marvel of engineering can accommodate as many as 800 people, thereby making it ideal for the Navy or now the to-be owner of the island who can host an immensely huge party with a really long guest list. The King’s Island still retains its military history as two Hawk missiles are put on display outside the main structure full structured in their launching ramps. Before the proposed sale of King’s Island, the magnificent man-made retreat in the middle of the sea was given a vast renovation drive that took care of the citadel as well as coastline. For nearly a decade, King’s Island was owned privately and has been given a hotel as well as a conference facility. The hotel itself features 24 rooms and 88 beds, along with an elegant captain’s quarters dome that sports impeccable maritime styling.

Via Private Island Mag & Private Islands Online

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