USB Flash Drive Cufflinks for $225 with 8GB

USB flash drive is something that most of carry with us all the time. There is a lot of data that you need to carry with you and more importantly, you never know when you will require to transfer data from a friend or a colleague’s notebook or computer. It is also essential for sending a file without going through the intranet. Designers have rarely focused on USB drives. They are normally mass produced in really large numbers and the manufacturers focus is more on maintaining the quality and reducing the cost of production.

Normally you see USB derives in two forms – the rectangular design with a protective cap or simply a slide-out USB connector mechanism. Recently beautifully crafted USB Flash Drive Cufflinks have become available on It is perhaps the most stylish way of carrying a flash drive with you so far. The cufflinks together have a total storage capacity of 8GB which is more than sufficient for anyone. Each cufflink has 4GB of storage and in fact it helps you even categorize your files. You may dedicate on for official files and the other for personal ones. In any case it is better than having a skull cufflink.

These cufflinks are available in several designs and some of them are outright gaudy. If you go through the designs you are sure to find one that is according to your taste. Since the cufflinks will be on you all the time you will never be caught unprepared when someone asks for your flash drive so that he can transfer some important or interesting file over to you. These beautifully crafted cufflinks are readily available in all their designs and are priced at $225.

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