Steampunk-Style Apartment In Manhattan Up For Sale At $1.75M

Luxury apartments in New York often boast of incredible décor. But few can compare to this Manhattan home that revels in color and a range of steampunk items that bring a retro and futurist feel to this incredible space. Step into this luxury home and you will feel like you have gone back in time. Yet, there is something very modern about this apartment. It is a strange contradiction, but it works. Imagine having a steampunk workspace. Interesting isn’t it?

The current owner of this property in Manhattan’s Chelsea area is one Jeremy Noritz. The steampunk feel is his contribution. The luxury apartment was nothing like this when Noritz purchased it back in 2006. He paid $1.3 million back then for a “conservative and compartmentalized” home that was in “very good condition”.

Nevertheless, a conservative home did not appeal to Noritz. So he set about doing up this co-op. Noritz is a filmmaker by profession, and he seems to have gone all out to recreate this incredible space as though it were a movie set. It took him two years to get everything done, but once it was finished the property seemed to have jumped straight out of the pages of some retro science fiction book.

As it now stands, the Manhattan home features an open loft with a single bedroom and two bathrooms. All 1,800 square feet of this unique property feature gears, cogs and antique piping. Noritz counts steampunk style (a mix of Victorian era technology and science fiction) as one of the main inspirations for the décor of this one of a kind home. As you walk through, you will also marvel at the interesting use of zeppelins in the home. Noritz was not just renovating a home; he was bent on creating a unique experience for guests and himself.

He is still very pleased about the functional hatch on the front door, which has been weathered to make it resemble part of a submarine. He says that the pizza delivery guys love it when Noritz opens the hatch to take delivery. He describes it as “Not just eye candy, but functional.”

Every retro item in this house boasts of modern touches. For instance, the vintage recliners in the living room feature built-in cup holders. Moreover, the fun of this home is not limited to eye level. Look up at the ceiling and you will spot an array of sculptures, fans and blimps. Most of the things in the house, including the large 500-pound wooden gears have been picked up from antique stores and metal foundries.

In the kitchen, antique gears double up as handles for drawers and doors. Don’t be surprised if you find antique fans instead of food in one of the cabinets. Of course, the striking feature of this unique home is the color-changing zeppelin that graces the ceiling. The bedroom too is custom-made to resemble an exploded zeppelin. Meanwhile, the height of the Murphy bed is adjusted by, of all things, a device made from a deactivated bomb.

Currently listed with CORE, the Manhattan home is priced at $1.75 million. Noritz feels it is time for someone else to enjoy his brilliant home. Art-loving singles and families with pets appear to be the target audience.

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