FitDesk Allows You to Work through the Day and Exercise when you Feel Like

It is always difficult to maintain the schedule of work out and exercise. There are very few people who actually enjoy exercising. So we normally find excuses to not exercise regularly. The most common excuse is lack of time as work pressure is forcing people to bring back work to their homes. The sedentary lifestyle of sitting behind a desk for long hours and working on a computer invites all sorts of health problems. People have come up with weird, impractical and even dangerous solutions. Recently, there was a fitness solution offered which involved working at a computer while walking on a treadmill.

The basic problem with this solution is that if you decide to stop walking, you are left standing for hours. And if you go back to your desk you feel like you have again given up on yet another exercise endeavor. This is where FitDesk, the perfect fitness aid comes in as a more appropriate solution. It’s a normal exercise bike. A useable desk has been fitted where you normally find the handles. You can sit on it comfortably and work. Whenever you feel like it, you can pedal and build muscles while burning calories. It is the perfect fitness machine.

Like any other exercise bike the resistance of the pedaling in the FitDesk can be adjusted for a more intense workout. Another advantage with the FitDesk is that it can be folded up for storage and fits in comfortably in a closet. If you plan to use it at home it is a distinct advantage. One thing that the manufacturers should incorporate in the FitDesk is fasten the laptop securely to the desk or it could slip out of your sweaty hands and literally crash. The FitDesk, the exercise bike with a work desk is priced at $229.


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