Evul Todai Lamp Provides Rotating Colorful Lights Along with Aroma of your Choice

Your eyes and nose perform very sensitive functions. Whatever they receive is constantly transmitted to your brain. If the light and smell around you is to your liking then your eyes and nose send positive signals to your brain and soothe it completely to keep you relaxed and in a good mood. Evul Todai Lamp, designed and developed in Japan, delivers just that. It has been developed based on the principles of color and aroma therapies. The manufacturers of the Evul Todai Lamp have positioned it as a premium relaxation light.

We have had a series of lamps like the Doride lamp, arc lamp, Martell Amber Lamp, digital photo table lamp, etc. But this lamp is different. The lamp is shaped as a light house and even performs like one on a tiny scale. There is something extremely soothing about soft mood lighting of the Evul Todai Lamp. It projects selected colors in a rotating form. You can combine the colorful light experience with an aroma of your liking by putting a few drops of your favorite essential oils in the Todai lamp. Along with the rotating colorful lights the lamp will release a whiff of aroma of the oils you put in the lamp.

The Evul Todai Lamp is hand crafted by a potter who has been in the trade for generations and has inherited the skill and craftsmanship. Since the lamp is not machine made you can never find two identical pieces. You can be sure that your lamp is exclusive. The quality of construction is of the highest order and is backed by best packaging standards. Not everyone can afford the lamp as it has been priced at $270. There will be many who will prefer going for a much cheaper alternative of a simple lamp and an oil burner from Costco. They will only miss the rotating colors.

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