A Microwave Makeover: Anoush Mortazavi Designs The Innowave

There is no doubt about it. The microwave is a wonderful invention. It really has simplified our work in the kitchen. Heating leftovers has never been this easy. But no matter how many advantages the ubiquitous microwave may offer to aid modern living, the kitchen gadget continues to take up considerable space. That is a complete no-no given that most modern apartments lack sufficient space for a boxy microwave. So ultimately, the microwave oven sits in the kitchen, occupying too much kitchen area and taking away from the sleek modular appearance of the rest of the cooking area.

Nevertheless, the microwave’s boxy appearance has undergone a makeover. Designer Anoush Mortazavi decided to give the gadget an overhaul and came up with the Innowave. But do not assume that this is just another cosmetic change. On the contrary, Mortazavi has introduced new and practical features that are sure to appeal to buyers who love a minimalist kitchen space.

Mortazavi’s microwave design is a space saver. It does away with the need to empty out a counter to make space for the microwave. The Innowave is less like a box and more like a drawer. It slides in and out of a given slot, creating free space when it is not in use. A slow rotating aluminum blade takes the place of the conventional turntable. The electronic components are housed within the hollow stainless steel flap in the front. There is no question of accidental opening either. A magnetic steel switch automatically turns off the Innowave. Add to that touch screen navigation and the Innowave is good to go in any contemporary, tech-savvy home.

Via: Yanko Design

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