Move on from Terrariums, Robot Garden is Here

It’s a garden with robots all around. It’s a garden created on the robots. However it is not a robot garden as the plants on the Robots are real and need to be watered. They are the best alternative to terrariums that seem to be everywhere and have their novelty. This robot garden gives us the opportunity to move on from the terrariums and create something new in our homes. Terrariums are self-sustaining and normally enclosed in a glass, whereas these robots are figures in various sizes that can be moved around and you can keep on adding to it as you feel like.

These robots are replicas of familiar figures and are available in different sizes to fit in the space you have. The best part is that you can arrange these figurines according to a storyline and create a scene of a robot war or some such theme. You can shift them around to change the look or add more figurines to create a new story. The possibilities are enormous, unique and beautiful. The prices for these robots start at $120 and go upto $400 depending on the size of the figurine you choose.

Paloma Teppa is the artist who has masterminded this concept of a robot garden. She has successfully merged the terrarium and a real garden. The concept looks very futuristic. She has made a three foot Kidrobot figurine she calls Munny that features succulents sprouting from its heads. The robot figurines are available at Plant the Future in Miami. They can also be had from Base on Lincoln Road in Miami. They would also become available online from their site in a month’s time. Apart from readymade figurine they would also be doing DIY robot gardens. If you would not like to wait that long you can call them and they can make the shipping arrangements.

Via: gizmodo

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