VIP Luxury Service announces their unique “Luxury on the Move” shopping experience

Luxury products and services aren’t just about pretty things and humungous price tags. The luxury mills continuously strive to deliver an impeccable luxury experience. VIP luxury service has been in the business of fashion, luxury, personal and corporate buying for international clients and organizing luxury events for as much as 15 years now. The company has announced its new luxury shopping experience called “Luxury on the move.”

It is a time limited boutique club in 5 star setup where only few selected members would be invited to view and purchase their products. The products would include Furniture, Jewelery, Menswear, Womenswear, Real Estate, Food & Wines, Luxury Travels and much more. It is a unique opportunity for the members to buy luxury products at favourable prices in exclusive surroundings such as luxury 5 star hotels world-wide. The event will last for three days and will take place on a monthly basis in each major city.

The shopping experience will first open with a Gala’ Dinner. Then for the next two days, the invitees will be able to purchase products just like the way they’d do in any boutique. VIP Luxury service will make available Image consultant at their client’s disposal. Through this event, luxury brands get exposure for 3 days but as a result they get to host continuous sales throughout the following month through the regular client contact. The boutique seeks to create exclusivity for this Luxury on the Move experience by restricting the event by invitation and will offer its clients exclusive prices on its partner brand’s products.

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