The $60,000 Bed is a Complete System with Built-in Equipment

Shoes and bed is something you don’t compromise with because you are either in your shoes or your bed. Since you spend a significant part of your life in bed it helps if the luxuries of life are incorporated in it. The HiCan bed seems to have all the components that can make it the most luxurious bed so far and the most unique to be conceived and designed in the recent past. The price of $60,000 might appear to be shocking for some making it the most expensive bed. But ultimately, you pay for the way the high tech bed has been put together.

The HiCan obviously has the best of normal luxuries that you expect from a good high end bed like a mattress and pillows. But that is just the beginning of this unique bed. It is not just a bed but a complete system. The HiCan has retractable privacy blinds which you control mechanically. It comes with a hi-definition video projector that beams pictures on a retractable screen at the foot of the bed. A sound system has been incorporated in the bed that also has a built in PC and gaming console. And if you like reading in bed you also have a pair of reading lights. The only thing missing is a safe.

There is a danger that like the Hollandia bed the HiCan bed and its built in components van make you lazier than you already are. The bed come equipped with a home automation system to manage all the built in equipment and gadgets and helps you adjust the bed to optimize your sleeping comfort. The bed is being made available in eight different colors so that it matches the color scheme of your bedroom. The bed hasn’t become available as yet but you can go to their site and join an exclusive reservation list they have started to make firm bookings for the unique bed.

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