Luxe City Guides Introduces An All New Exclusive Bespoke City Guides Luxury Box Set

One of the foremost names when it comes to stunning insights into various tourist destinations, Luxe, which is well renowned for its highly informative and gorgeous city guides has now come out with a fabulous collection of city guides in the form of the all new Luxe Bespoke Luxury Box Set. This bespoke gift set has been designed and developed so to act as a perfect Christmas gift, come this holiday season. Suitable for yourself or for your family and friends, this gorgeous luxury box set is composed of some eight to twelve city guides, all catering to different locations across the globe.

Furthermore, in you can even customize the gift set by selecting specific gift guides chosen by personal preferences. This entire selection comes in a magnificent hand-crafted box that is adorned in carbon bookbinding linen. The interiors of this bespoke luxury box set are painted in crimson color, while on the outside, the box features a gold embossed logo.

Apart from the customized and personalized city guides box sets. Luxe is also offering continent specific travel guides in the same luxury box set format. These city guides include pre-selected sets such as LUXE World Grand Tour, Luxe Asian Grand Tour, and Luxe European Grand Tour and this entire series is available between a price range of $75 to $110.

The gorgeous luxury city guides collection brings thirty three highly informative and stunning city guides. The eight city guides box set carries a price tag of $85, while the twelve city guides box set comes with a price tag of $125.

Via The Independent

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