Knierim Yacht Club Constructs the Largest Solar Boat TURANOR Planet Solar

The Knierim Yacht Club in Kiel, Germany has created some kind of a record in the field of solar mobility. They have constructed a solar catamaran that is the first of its kind and shows the way to the use of sustainable energy technology on water. The sustainable catamaran is called the TURANOR Planet Solar. It is a multihull vessel with an unusual exterior for a yacht and is topped by a large array of photovoltaic solar panels. The entire energy needs of the vessel are met by the power generated by these panels.

The result is that the large catamaran is both silent and clean. The Knierim Yacht Club took fourteen months to construct this eco friendly vessel and it has turned out to be the largest ever solar boat. The impressive dimensions of the boat gives it the capacity to accommodate up to forty people and a minimum of six sailors are required to man it on the sea. The solar boat is scheduled to take a round the world trip to promote the boat itself and the concept of sustainable energy technology and how it can be used on water.

The Planet Solar is a fine example of innovative use of existing materials and technology. It demonstrates successfully the high performance of solar mobility on water. The latest cutting edge technology available on the market has been used to create this marvelous boat. It is very different from anything that has been created in this field. A lot of research has gone into every aspect including propulsion, solar panel design, energy storage, materials and the external environment. It is a positive step towards futuristic technology. The name TÛRANOR is derived from the “Lord of the Rings” and translates as “the power of the sun” and “victory”.

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