Grandiose Gold Macbooks Up for Grabs

Evidently, Macbook is a muse as well as a guinea pig for designers, every now and then it is constantly presented in different shapes, sizes & textures, lets face it, designers love to doll up Macbook. This time the glorious Macbook is available in gold finish! Computer-Choppers has designed this fabulous piece for all those ostentatious people, who get a sadistic joy in making their peers burn in jealousy.

After their infamous brawl with Stewart Hughes, who unabashedly copied designs and sold them under his banner and claimed to sell the “real stuff”, Computer-Choppers are being very careful in letting out their designs, the note on the top of their website says it all. Like they say, any kind of publicity is good publicity, this controversy  certainly put Computer-Choppers on the map, in a more prominent position (lets be a little kind here)! The 24K gold polished Macbook Pro has an immaculate finish , they claim to put a baked on clear coat which will prevent the sleek laptop from scratching. To compile this dazzling Macbook , they would take 3-4 weeks , but you should be certain that once it arrives it would never go out of fashion.

The cost of 13″ model is $5,000 USD, which I feel is a modest amount as compared to the glory this Macbook will bring to you. For men, it will be the most awaited piece of jewellery, they would be more than just happy to flaunt it without violating their manhood.

via: computer-choppers

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