YSL’s Robyn T-Strap Sandal has Heels With Balance

Yves Saint Laurent was the French fashion designer who was the most consistently celebrated and influential designer for decades. He was easily one of the greatest names in fashion history. He is not only credited for the rise of couture from its downfall of the sixties and also making the ready to wear fashionable. He was the first to use ethnic models and referenced other non-European cultures in his work. The reputation of the brand is sustained even when he is no more. The latest design that adds to the reputation of the brand is the Yves Saint Laurent T strap sandal.

The T-strap sandal called the Robyn is the latest heel from the design house. It is the shape that is gaining in popularity and is threatening to overtake the ever popular Tribute Sandal’s narrow little spike. The construction of the heel is unusual as compared to traditional heels. It is a futuristic stack of silver swoops that elevates. More importantly it offers some balance which translates into increased comfort for the wearer. The T-strap sandal can make any design house proud particularly the house that created the most famous classic tuxedo suit for women.

The Yves Saint Laurent runway was witness to a lot of tweedy suiting and polished French lady coats and this sandal compliments them well. However, the sandal would look equally good with wild fur which has made a strong come back this season. The Robyn would be as suitable on utilitarian parkas. If you want to wear it on pants, make sure they are a pair of very slouchy pants as the sandal will look great peeking out from beneath the slouchy pants. The attractive sandals are available for $995.

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