Used Shopping Bags Find a Niche in the Oriental Market

Just when you thought that you have seen and heard of every bizzare behavioral trend, it just hits you that you have been oblivious to the world outside all this while. How bizzare would it be if someone is ready to pay a good $30 to $50 for used paper bags of high end luxury brands. Well, I would say, not as bizzare as to know that there is a whole Internet site dedicated to this idea! In Korea there is a full fledged second hand market which dishes out used paper bags of luxury brands, and it has a very sound consumer base too!

There are second hand online shopping sites which offer such deals, and to have a piece of luxury, there are people who are willing to shell out as much as $40 per bag. Korea alone has a very strong consumer base for such bags, women claim that more than the lure of the luxury brands it is the peer pressure that coerces them to make such buys. Even psychologists believe that peer presure accounts for this erratic behaviour amongst people, even if they cant afford it they want to associate themselves to luxury brands in some way or the other so that they can feel good about themselves.

The Wall Street Journal wanted to delve deep into this matter, it found out on one of the internet sites a seller ostentatiously dishing out different brand’s paper bags for $23 each. On being contacted by the Wall Street Journal People the seller claimed that the paper bags are worth the amount because of its superior paper quality and the the brand’s logo, what rubbish! I say, its just the logo that is fetching in all the dough.

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