MDR-Z1000 Headphones are Consistent with Sony Quality of Sound

Sony Electronics has become synonymous with professional audio products. Their consistent research and development has kept them ahead of competition and have been able to surprise many with the quality of the sound produced by their equipment, even earphones. Their Monitor headphones are very popular with top recording artists and engineers. Their latest creation is the MDR-Z1000 which is another product that will add to their reputation. The new pair of headphones offers professional grade listening experience. The headphones are bound to be popular with professionals and consumers alike.

The design and the construction of the headphones make it a superior product. The diaphragms are large at 50mm and are made from liquid crystal polymer film. It is both thin and extremely rigid that ensures accurate sonic delivery. The oxygen-free copper coils mated to neodymium magnets drive them to produce a phenomenal 360 kilojoules per cubic meter of energy. The frequency response ranges from 5 Hz to 80 kHz which enables the engineers to fine tune the highs and lows with equal clarity and allows the listeners enjoy great musical detail.

The MDR-Z1000 has been designed to be used for long sessions. The ear pads are made from urethane foam that not only make them comfortable but also help in noise reduction and isolation. The housing of the headphones is made of magnesium that makes it sturdy and durable and at the same time makes it light with a weight of just 9.5 ounces. The cable input to the headphones is detachable and Sony provides two set of cables with the headphones. One cable is 4 feet long and the other one is 10 feet long. The longer one is provided for the engineers who can move freely in the studio while recording.


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