InCase Presents An All New Second Edition Of The Popular ‘Incase for Andy Warhol Collection’ For Apple iDevices

One of the foremost names in the field of accessories for Apple iPhone, iPad and Apple MacBook, InCase has now announced the introduction of an all new second edition of the immensely popular Incase for Andy Warhol Collection. These gorgeous new iPhone cases, iPad 2 cases and MacBook sleeves features some of the most celebrated work of  Andy Warhol and have been introduced in three categories namely, silkscreening, film and hand-drawing. The InCase cases for iPhone some of the legendary personalities including Elvis Presley, world renowned architecture such as the Empire State Building, as was as Do It Yourself (DIY) Flowers. These brilliant cases combine the best of InCase’s technology for added protection of your device, infused with the artistic genius of Warhol, bringing in a stunning collection of contemporary culture. Of all the iPhone 4 snap on cases available in this series, the most profound case depicts the Empire State Building that has been inspired from Mr. Warhol’s directed silent movie Empire (1964).

The Incase for Andy Warhol Collection also brings stunning cases for the iPhone, iPad and MacBook where in the designs are heavily inspired from commercials created by Andy Warhol himself. Another marvelous iDevice case carries the portrait of Elvis Presley, wherein the image has been taken from a promotional poster for the film .Flaming Star’.  However, the most striking of all these recent additions is the Do It Yourself (DIY) Flowers case that is available in a snap on case format for the iPhone 4 and as a MacBook sleeve, This gorgeous addition carries the signature work of Mr. Warhol that includes ‘intentionally unfinished’  pieces of art called, paint by number kits that became quite famous with hobbyist painters of 1960s.   .

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