Pedro Nakazato Andrade Unveils Bones: A Tool for Fractured Hypochondriacs

If you are a hypochondriac who needs to visit the doctor all the time, you must already be member of many social networking sites that are dedicated to being sick and unwell, and connecting with others who are just as unwell. However, nothing beats a little technology to keep the hypochondriac in you anxious, and on the toes. Brazilian designer Pedro Nakazato Andrade has designed the ‘Bones’ which lets people with broken bones to check what their bones are up to, literally.

The high-tech orthopaedic cast with wearable technology allows you to keep a track of muscle activity around fractures, lets your doctor know how your muscles, tendons and bones are doing and of course you could integrate these trivia to your social networking sites as well. Based on the progress or deterioration of your muscles and injuries, doctors can suggest activities online and the hypochondriac in you can always seek second opinions. Moreover, the attention seeking shallow person that you are can easily grab some cheap sympathy online by sharing the progress or deterioration online.

I am a social media addict myself, but I would not really tell my Tweeps how my bones are, how my tendons are, how bad my lungs hurt, how bad my skin itches, or how I keep pulling my hair thanks to my trichotillomania. I think, Bones takes hypochondria to a new level: to that of histrionics and not even trendy fashion. And that is not something that would please me or many others around you. If you plan to post tweets about how your bones hurt, I won’t wish you well.

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