Exotic English Furniture Find Their Way to Chair Collectors

The stunning urban thrones come in many forms and many designers have contributed by illustrating various styles, colour combinations and designs from click for art. The artistic pieces are of limited edition with flashy prints and images adding to the wild charm. You would love to land on the throne and spend your leisure hours after a day’s work. It would make a perfect modern decorative chair to your living room. The high-end urban finish and upholstery adds a certain amount of luxury to your lifestyles.

These adorable printed chairs can be shipped throughout world and everybody will have the opportunity to enjoy them. You could order three designs namely Maria Throne, slipstream throne, and whimsical world thrown by designers Sylvia Ji, Dan Baldwin and Caramelaw respectively.

The enchanting new thrones made in the UK come in 33 pieces each in high quality chairs.  Each is numbered sequentially and is provided with a certificate for its authenticity in prints at the bottom of throne.  These collectible pieces have the prints on fabric which are homemade. They come in genuine, strikingly colored faux suede. Interested customers can contact for leather option and pillows with the same fabric. So go ahead and get these amazing chairs!

The frame of the thrones is handcrafted with quality real mahogany wood, which are hand carved having the gloss of black and white lacquer. The throne with fine finesse come from sustainable source.

The traditional methods are used with quality workmanship, hand crafted upholstery, and quality foam with high density to create long lasting, unique furniture. According to fire regulations of furniture in UK, the thrones are built. The furniture will be delivered in four to six weeks. Each throne is priced at £1595. The shipped chair will have certificate of authenticity in paper signed by the artist.


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