Star Wars-inspired Sweaters Keep You Warm this Winter

To buy the stunning sweater by Ericaknit, one need not be a Star War fan. The handmade, knitted R2D2 sweater, is in raglan style and can be customized to suit your measurements. The sweater made comes in perfect-fitting for both men and women. It is made from non itchy, hundred percent merino wool, which is soft and stretchy and has a fantastic urban look. The cost depends on the material. If the measurement exceeds twenty inches; the cost charged would be a lot more than you would expect.

Each sweater needs a duration of sixty to seventy hours of labour. The colours may not be exactly the same as the dye used for the yarn will be slightly different and you will get the sweaters in black, half white, navy and grey colours. Spread flat to get it dry after hand wash without squeezing in cold water. The idea is to purchase customized sweaters so that you would not end up looking like the rest of the neighborhood.

If somebody’s order is in progress, the customer has to wait till it is ready for shipping and until the payment is received the order will not be included in queue list. Before giving the order you could take a look at the custom made sweater for you. The price of the sweater depends on the intricacy, size and colour of the sweater. The handmade sweeter becomes more complex, and the price gets reflected on the complexity. The sweater is priced at $450. Go ahead, and get it for yourself if you are a Star Wars fan!

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