Most Expensive Restaurants in America

Can you guess what is the average size of the check at the most expensive restaurant in America? It is close to a thousand dollars. At the number one-ranked The French Laundry in Yountville, California the patrons, on an average spend $957. Editors at Money have come up with a ranking for the most expensive restaurants in America by examining millions of transactions done in restaurants across the country to arrive at the average check sizes of different restaurants. To be frank, there aren’t many surprises as everyone knows the expensive ones but some of them are different.

Penthouse Executive Club restaurant in New York definitely serves the best steaks in a strip club anywhere in the world. It ranks among a Michelin-starred list of the most expensive eateries in the U.S. With an average cost per patron of $516 Robert’s Steakhouse stands out at number 12 and is definitely the only fine dining establishment where strippers are also on the menu. Girls come over to say hello, to have dinner or chat, or to make arrangements for table-side dances later in the evening, is how their Operations Manager, Joe Erickson explained their operations.

The steak actually costs only $53 but the size of the check zooms up because of the wine that the diners generally order with it. Champagne costs between $200 and $750 for a regular bottle. Wine ranges from $65 to $1,000. A bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac could cost as much as $3,200 and inflate the tab manifold. The tip and taxes also add to the size of the check and at Robert’s you also pay for the lap dances at $20 per song. Mr. Erickson, however pointed out that the average check size can be brought down drastically if the patrons pass on the racy entertainment.

The ambience at the restaurant is more like a nightclub than a stuffy fine dining establishment. It is lit with warm shades of blues and pinks and you can always see ladies dressed in low-cut tops and lingerie, rolling their hips on platforms at the corners of an atrium. But at the same time the restaurant has earned the praise from food critics Their aged steaks have been called flavorful by Vogue and Frank Bruni at the New York Times called his medium-rare porterhouse steak and onion rings a ‘possibly perfect meal’. They have been dubbed the best steak dinner in town and lauded for their Incredible food and service.

The rankings by confirm that Thomas Keller is the only chef and restaurateur in the U.S. to have three Michelin stars for two different restaurants including the most expensive restaurants in America. His French Laundry in Napa Valley and Per Se in New York City set diners back the most of any places to eat in the country. The others in the ranking that attract attention immediately are two Michelin starred restaurant Melisse in Santa Monica. Their average check size is only $576 and they offer an exclusive vegetarian tasting menu for $105. The contemporary French restaurant owned by Josiah Citrin was named Top Food in Los Angeles in 2009 by Zagat Guide. However, New York, Chicago and San Francisco play host to most of the expensive restaurants in the US and they mostly serve the French and American Nouveau cuisine.

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