Presenting The Stunning 2012 Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 From Renowned Luxury Auto Tuner Afzal Kahn

Afzal Kahn, a name that is highly revered in the automobile industry and is synonymous with stunning luxury car tuning has now come out with his latest creation called, Project Kahn Range Rover that has brought to the luxury car market the all-new 2012 Vesuvius Edition Sport 300. This remarkable makeover of the SUV has been done in an effort to elevate the status of these vehicle from rugged off roaders to that of luxury intensive vehicles. The Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 has been given extensive structural and performance customization there by ensuring that it stands apart even when compared to a Ferrari or Lamborghini sports car. This exquisite Range Rover is powered by a twin turbo supercharged engine and comes with custom designed Kahn RS 22 inch black alloys that carry orange stripes for added effect. Furthermore, to accentuate the beauty of the Vesuvius Edition Sport 300, Mr. Kahn has given this magnificent vehicle with a special orange hood as well as custom orange interiors.

The stunningly gorgeous 2012 Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 features metallic black paint that has been creatively fused with Vesuvius matt orange that adorns the roof and the hood of the vehicle. Also, the vehicle comes with black rubber sidesteps with orange edge as well as a quad exhaust system and the grille insert of the vehicle is also tinged in orange. On the inside, the Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 features a Vesuvius orange stitched steering wheel that goes strikingly well with machine vented foot pedals. Afzal Kahn has also branded the vehicle with his insignia on the inside as well as on the outside. The limited edition 2012 Vesuvius Edition Sport 300  carries a price tag of  $113,731.

According to Afzal Kahn,

“This special edition ultimate Range Rover gets special orange hood and custom orange interior pieces letting you know visually that this is not your average Range Rover Sport. The whole car is colour coded, interior and exterior, in Vesuvius orange to give that striking appearance that screams for attention. The conversion is carried out with extreme attention to detail the whole vehicle erupts with elegance…a true style icon.”

Via Top Speed

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