iTableous is a Versatile Giant iPhone4

There have been iPhone tables before but the most recent one that is called iTableous is an outsized tabletop that bears a striking resemblance to the long-awaited iOS handset. It is a large table but is not backed by multi-touch software. You have instead a wireless keyboard and mouse to help you navigate the huge tabletop. Otherwise the capacities of iTableous are commensurate with its size. The best part is that the tabletop can be released from one side of the base and tilted to become a perfect display screen.

The behemoth features 4GB of DDR2 RAM, 500GB of internal storage, a 5.7 megapixel camera, 720p video recording, as well USB, HDMI. It offers you full HD TV reception via DVB-T. The table also boasts of an integrated DVD player. iTableous has a mini ITX board with dual boot options, both Mac OSX SL via Hackintosh and Windows 7 Professional. The 4+1 sound system incorporated with the table delivers really rich sound. There is a lot you can explore on the iTableous.

This table is a concept product or just a prototype created for personal use and satisfaction. The creator in Germany does not have any plan to produce another piece but I am sure he would be open to taking it forward if someone is willing to invest to explore the possibility of commercial production. There might be a few things that the iTableous can’t do but it can do so much more that other similar products. So hook up its 30 pin connector and have fun.

Via: insanelymac, benjaminbachmeier

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