Fake Fur and Real Peacock Feathers Help You Brighten Your Living Space

If you were looking for a great way to brighten your living space, you could take a look at the Pendant Lights whichare made from real and fake animal sources. The elegant hand crafted pendant lights feature bold designs made from luxurious materials. They were introduced in Milan at Salone Internazionale Del Mobile this year. The Animal Mineral Series feature materials such as sable made from fine sugar and iron dust, colored peacock fur, and horsehair.

Pendant Lights offer a beautiful range with many options, with fabulous designs and hanging lights shining down, that illuminate your living space in an artistic style. These Pendant lamps grace the functions and you could use them in your dining area, living room and foyer. You could read your favourite book in a corner and the fantastic light gives character to your room. Depending on the size of the room you could choose either large or small, and the light shall  help to create a comfortable atmosphere and less visibility creates a sort of mystery to your space. The lights can adorn the children’s room and bedroom bringing cheerfulness.

Valerie Dekeyser uses animal mineral and makes it certain that the source of used material is humane. Horse hair that she uses comes from very healthy animals and she supports organizations that work for the protection of mustangs of America. For feather she had contacted, Patrick Rummans, who gave a lot of support in creating the pieces. She got peacock’s feathers from birds whose deaths were caused in a  natural way.”

The last unusual mixture would be the fur decoration which also she created on her own by mixing powdered sugar and iron dust. The fake fur lamps are highly attractive and sophisticated.

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