Norwegian Cruise Line Offers The World’s First SeaTweetup

We have heard of blog meets and Facebook meets and Twitter meets, but how many social media meetings have been held on a luxury cruise? The Norwegian Cruise Line could soon bring in a change and encourage social media enthusiasts to plan more get-togethers against the backdrop of the ocean. The cruise liner has already announced that it will be hosting the first ever Sea Tweetup in the world.

Twitter users who love luxury cruises would love the route being taken by this SeaTweetup. The cruise liner will be sailing in the waters around the Bahamas for a three-night trip.

The chosen cruise ship for the event is the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Sky. This luxury cruise ship can accommodate up to 2,002 passengers and will be embarking on its Tweetup journey from Miami to the Bahamas on 18 November. This Twitter event is being organized by social media TV show SocialBuzzTV and digital media consulting firm Social Esquire.

In keeping with Twitter culture, passengers onboard the Norwegian Sky will be encouraged to tweet about their experiences on the SeaTweetup. The ship will feature on-board WiFi and there will be panel discussions on social media as well.

The Norwegian Sky will stop at several ports over the three-day period. Passengers will enjoy a first look at Great Stirrup Cay, Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island which is currently getting development worth $20 million. Twitter users interested in attending the SeaTweetup will have to pay upwards of $271.32 per person. But luxury lovers can indulge a little more by paying $999 for a penthouse suite with an attached private balcony.

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