Herman Miller’s Envelop Desk is Designed to Make Workaholics Comfortable

Americans work long hours parked in front of their computer. Data from a survey reveals that more than 10 million Americans log in sixty hour work weeks. Thirty four percent of the total American workforce does not take any vacations. This long and grueling work culture has an adverse impact on their health. Herman Miller has unveiled its Envelop Desk that is designed to make it a little more comfortable for the worker sitting in front of a computer. The work table is targeted at workaholics who have no option but to put in long working hours.

The Envelop Desk comes with a flexible top that makes it possible for the user to have his eyes fixed on the computer monitor even if he is shifting in his chair to make himself more comfortable. If you are using an Envelop Desk you need not contort your bodies to keep your eyes focused on the monitor. The ergonomically designed desk is meant to help your body adjust naturally with your eyes. The table top made from molded urethane moves towards or away from you and can tilt up to seven degrees.

This flexibility of the table top allows you to keep the laptop in a semi reclined position so that it is within your comfortable reach and your eyes are at the right distance from the screen even if you are sitting in a forward recline posture. Envelop Desk allows you to move around in your chair and keeps you more relaxed through the grueling work day. The new table is a perfect match for the Embody Chair by Herman Miller. Both pieces were designed together by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber.  The Envelop Desk has been priced at $960.


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