Ponzee Scheme Mastermind Madoff’s Rags iPad Cases Auctioned Off

Wall Street professionals might not get the money they lost, but they would be able to get hold of iPad covers made from the clothes of financial fraud; Bernard L. Madoff who has been served with one hundred and fifty year sentence is in jail. The proceeds of the auction would benefit the victims of evil act. The designer John Vaccaro says that the first batch were sold out like hot cakes among Wall Street customers. The new cases are made accessible for shopping by Frederick James, which are made out of pants of Bernie Madoff. U.S. Marshall had auctioned off, entire belongings of Madoff last year John Vaccaro had seized them up.
Ralph Lauren Polo and Banana Republic pants of Madoff which he never needs in his jail term, have been transformed into iPad covers. The new company, Frederick James, gives certificates for its authenticity along with cases exclusively designed for tablets. The cases offer protection from scratches. Vaccaro makes it clear that thesecovers do not offer much protection; if you drop it would crack. The cases aren’t guaranteed just like the schemes that our lovely dahlin’ Madoffn sold us into.

Under the brand Frederick James, buyers can grab the cases made out of Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, and others pants for $500; the others made of cotton khaki pants would cost $250 and under.  Ralph Lauren pants with good fabric are turned into a profit which is good enough for four cases and the cashmere sweaters good for three cases. The covers are in very limited production as there are sixteen pairs of pants. Madoff dahlin’ maybe cooling his heels in the prison, but even his rags need to be used to get money to his victims.



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