Most Expensive Flip Flops in the World

Flip flops are a Japanese concept that was introduced to the US and the West in general in the 1950s after the 2nd World War.  Flip flops are normally inexpensive but like everything else the designers sometimes experiment with non conventional materials to create bespoke flip flops which are no doubt exclusive but very expensive. We have brought together some of the most expensive flip flops here for you. You may choose a pair for the cause for which it is made or select one that suites your budget.

1.    Chipko Flip Flops

Chipkos is an eco friendly sandal company promises to protect 100 square feet of rainforest for every sandal sold. For this particular pair of Flip Flop they have raised the bar and assured the protection of 100,000 square feet of rain forest. The flip flops have been hand painted by a renowned Los Angeles contemporary artist, David Palmer. Priced at a whopping $18,000 the flip flop is adorned by hand-made 6 grams 18 carat solid gold Chipkos’ emblem by Readers Fine Jewelers in Santa Monica. Inspired by the Indian Kolhapuri sandals the most expensive flip flops has broken away from the cliché style and can be worn casually with any attire. Though the flip flop promises to protect rainforests, it comes in a display case made of Mahogany wood and glass.

2.    H. Stern Flip Flop

The next most expensive pair of flip flops is only marginally cheaper. At $17,000 they are very expensive for a pair of flip flops and they don’t even promise to help any cause. Their price is so high because of the material used to make them. The pair features 1,500 gold feathers and diamond accessories. Another creative input that makes it expensive is that it has been designed by H. Stern. The designer is basically a jeweler and couldn’t resist adorning the pair with gold and diamonds. Only one pair has been created of this very exclusive flip flop.

3.    Crystalishious Flip Flop

These flip flops are expensive compared to ordinary flip flops but not as expensive as the top two. These flip flops have been made by Crystalishious for Clothier Electric Couture. They are covered with crystals and have been designed based on a theme which is rock n roll. The glittering flip flops are decorated with winged hearts, guitars and a slogan. The rocking pair of flip flop will set you back by a cool $1,800.

4.    Crocodile Flip Flop

These are the least expensive flip flops in the lot. In fact they will appeal to the people who are looking for a less pricey but attractive and exclusive pair of flip flop. These are crocodile flip flops that have been made by using a new technology. The patent for the technology is pending with the authorities. The flip flops come with hand matched crocodile straps and have been designed for the maximum comfort of the wearer.

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