David Caon and Juicy Design Create Soundscape Sofa for Audio Technica

The Soundscape Sofa is not just an innovative design but is equally innovative in the materials used to create it and the methods used for putting it together. It is basically a free standing retail concept and has been specifically designed and built for Audio Technica, a Japanese brand renowned for its audio products. It was a collaborative effort between David Caon and the Sydney design firm Juicy Design. The sofa has been created as a structure with several docks that allows customers to sit comfortably and sample the Audio Technica products.

There are a total of six touch screen listening docks built in the Sounscape Sofa. The touch-screens come with a catalogue of music that the customer can choose from or they can plug in their own device and check the different headphones. Each dock comes with a different headphone. A special software was developed to make it convenient for the customer to sample various audio experience. It is this application that makes the Soundscape Sofa a unique and bespoke product.

The unique sofa has been created using 66 layers of 12mm Echo Panel. The panel boards were cut by using a water jet. The structure of the sofa was originally conceived as a 3D sculpture. The individual layers were created by horizontally slicing the structure at 12mm intervals. The aim of the creative team was to keep the costs low and create a truly 3D shape. The individual layers were assembled around an internal chassis and then transported in sections to the site. It was the unique shape of the final product and its function that inspired the name Soundscape.

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