Jonathan Charles Reproduces the Elegant Victorian Desk

A good replica can cost half as much as the original. Jonathan Charles Furniture has recently released an exact replica of an elegant piece of antique furniture. The antique in question is an elaborate 1880s parcel gilt partner’s desk that was auctioned by Sotheby’s in London in 2008. The prized piece of furniture had witnessed some vigorous bidding by collectors and antique lovers and the successful bidder had got the elegant Victorian desk for nearly $82,000. Since there was only one piece only one bidder could have it but there were several other bidders who wanted desperately to own it.

Jonathan Charles, the UK based firm that is known for its fine furniture saw an opportunity here and has decided to produce an exact replica of the 19th century desk for those who missed out on the bidding for the original and would be more than willing to take home an exact replica of the elegant antique. Jonathan Charles believe that it is all in the detail and truly their craftsmanship has to be seen to be believed. They have decided to release the replica in a limited edition of fifty only.

The British firm is reproducing the desk with inlaid satinwood veneers. Hand carved gilded ribbon edge embellishes the bow front of the desk. The writing surface has been inlaid with leather. The interiors of the drawers have been made with cedar wood. And like a typical 19th century desk it has secret compartments that pop up. The finishing of the desk is perfect and is in no way inferior to the original. The decorative furniture has been hand crafted with great care and precision. The replica of the Victorian desk has been priced at $41,000.

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